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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Girly Circus Party

This year we decided to combine the girls birthdays. Much easier then planning 2 parties back to back. My girls are 13 months apart, and if you didn't know I have a 4 year old son, 3 year old daughter, and 2 year old daughter. Yes we know what causes it and that's why we don't have a 1 year old. ;) 

Taffy the clown came to help us celebrate. Face painting, balloon animals, you name it she did it! The kids loved her and she literally kept them entertained for hours! 

I made (with my talented cake decorating mother in law) 2 of these cakes for the girls. I loved the simple white cake on a white cake stand and a colorful banner adding a pop of color. We decided on the colors of aqua, pink, and lime for the whole party. So I ordered some fabric in coordinating colors and made some cute bunting banners for the cakes. They were my favorite part!

The circle printables, party treat cones, and water bottle wraps I got from a seller off etsy. They customized everything with the girls ages and names. The treat cones were a huge hit. The kids loved walking around the party with their own little cones of popcorn!

Even though we did a combined party we wanted the girls to both know they were special. So we sang Happy Birthday twice. My 2 year old Callie had been practicing for months to blow out her candles. She was in shock when it was finally time to!

The hit of the party though was the homemade photo booth! I ordered 2 yards of fabric, and my hubby hung it between two trees. I picked up some clown noses at a party supply store, and used some free mustache printables I found online. Best of all is it hardly cost anything and I got to reuse the fabric. Notice the blue and white polka dress in my header that my daughter is wearing? Yep, made that out of the fabric from the photo booth!

More photo booth fun! We also had our bounce house setup and a "fortune" teller. The kids had such a blast with the clown though, I'm sure we didn't even need all those extra's. 

As the party came to a close, some of us jumped in the back of the truck and road out to the back forty to visit with the cows. Yes, my husband is a country boy. 


  1. You and I need to go in party planning business together, girl.....you know, in all of the free time we have, HA!

  2. Who was your etsy vendor for the printables?