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Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st Birthday Fun... Farm, Candyland, & Alice

Here's a recap on a few of the past birthday parties for the kids. I love planning parties. I literally have themes picked out for years to come! Nothing makes me happier then to see my kids having a blast at a party just for them. But my favorite thing to plan is a 1st Birthday. Nothing is more magical then celebrating your babies 1st year!

Here is the first party I have ever thrown as a mother. One of the sweetest memories that I will NEVER forget. Ethan's Farm 1st Birthday ~ May 2007

The picture we used for his invites.

 The kids hanging out in the hay and barn daddy built for the party.

 Our "hay ride". :) The kids loved feeding the cows.

 Sweetest part of the day. Watching my baby boy dig into his smash cake. 
It had a little mud puddle and pig in the center!

For Makenna's 1st Birthday we went with a Candyland theme. 
Whats more fun then a candy bar?
Makenna's Candyland 1st Birthday ~ February 2009

I loved Makenna's 1st bday pictures. We had a bow and 
diaper cover made to match her candy theme.

Makenna and I in front of the candy bar. I am 8 months pregnant with her baby sister!!

My hubby Steve, literally worked an entire day to make this cake!!

She cracked everyone up when she got on all fours to eat her cake!

Then finally my baby girl Callie turned 1!! It was such a bitter sweet moment. 
Seeing as we haven't decided if this will be our last child. It might have been our very 
last 1st birthday! We did Callie's 1st birthday in an Alice in Wonderland theme.
March 2010

The birthday girl.

Homemade chocolate cups filled with goodies, every teacup had a 
"drink me" tag on it, Alice teapot, and our Mad Hatter.

My favorite part of the party. The lanterns. ♥

 Topsy Turvy Mad Hatter Cake & Cheshire Cat Smash Cake. 
We had her caricature drawing done at Disney.

Smash Cake!

Best part of the party was the evening. Glowing 
laterns set such a fun whimsical mood!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our 1st birthday parties!!


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  1. where you get your daughters dress, I love it. please email me at babycici1992@yahoo.com :)