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Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 Home Decor Inspirations For Our House

So in the age of facebook, pinterest, and the internet, we have TONS of awesome tutorials & inspiration at our fingertips. Some days thats a good thing and some days thats a bad thing! In my case, both. I have found soooo many awesome inspirations that it is really hard to narrow it down. I would need a mansion to do everything I want. We know that is never going to happen, so pick and choose I do. 

{Remember, your house doesn't need to be PERFECT to be amazing. Just do what you love and let your personality shine through.}

Personally, I don't want the cookie cutter house. I want my house full of color and things that make me happy. We moved in a 1 1/2 years ago. Remember when I said it was hard to narrow down what I liked? Yea, well thats why it has taken this long to finally start on the main part of our house. The kids rooms are almost complete, but everything else still needs to be done. 

So here's the top 10 inspirations we are using to redecorate our house from my favorite blogs & tutorials!

1. A Cool Front Door.

Let's start with the first thing you see. The outside of the house! Luckily our house is already grey and white. The only thing we need to do is paint the door turquoise. We will actually be using a little bit of a brighter color then this door, but it's pretty close.

This beautiful home belongs to Cristi of Hiya Papaya. She recently built this swoon worthy house and seriously it tops my list. It is being featured on about every blog I know, but you can find it here at her photography website http://hiyapapaya.com/blog/archives/1609 .

2. Have A Dramatic Focal Point.

I absolutely love this setup. The built in's with the tv, fireplace, and storage are a dramatic focal point while at the same time being a great source of storage. With 3 little kids we need a lot of storage so this would work perfect! My hubby is going to buy one of the electric fireplaces then built everything around it. I am hoping this is done by Christmas because my kids have never got to hang a stocking on a fireplace. :)

This photo is from The Pleated Poppy

3. Add Pops Of Color.

Just because we want grey walls and lots of white (moldings, furniture, couches, etc.), doesn't mean we want everything neutral. We want pops of color to standout and make our house feel like a fun place to be. Pictures, frames, certain pieces of furniture, throw pillows, art, pretty much anything we feel like painting, is how we are going to add color to our house!

This photo is from pinterest, and is from my FAVORITE blog. Shelly from The House of Smiths is awesome! I love her use of color through out her entire house. She has lots of great tutorials too. Like this photo wall and the blue end table.

4. Unique DIY Pieces For Your House.

There are so many great home decor tutorials you can find online. This is just one of the MANY projects we plan on tackling. I ♥ this lamp. Don't stick with just normal plain decor you find at the store. Take it and turn it into something truly unique that will make you happy every time you see it.  :)

This tutorial is from Mama Says Sew. She has lots of tutorials for clothes, home decor projects, etc. You can find this ruffled burlap lamp tutorial here. 

 5. A Drab To Fab Kitchen.

We have a very plain kitchen. You know those stock builders cabinets that people use to save money? Plain oak cabinets, with light neutral counter tops, with white tile floors.... Yea, pretty boring. We plan on moving in a couple years to a bigger house. We need more space for all our babies. :) So instead of gutting the whole kitchen and starting from scratch we are going to give our drab kitchen a facelift. We decided on white cabinets, an apron front sink, some open shelving, a cool back splash, and some fun pops of color. I have soooo many inspiration kitchens it was hard to pick just one. 

This kitchen is from Flea Market Trixie. She has a great home decor blog. I love this kitchen, b/c she took a small outdated kitchen and turned it into something fab! You can find her kitchen reveal here. You seriously need to check out the before and after pics because it will make your mouth DROP!


6. Cheap Cabinet Transformation.

So how do we plan on cheaply redoing our kitchen? With the new Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation Kit of course! I have seen some great reviews of this product and we can't wait to try it. Such a cheap way to make a big difference. They sell the kit in 2 sizes. For a small kitchen or large. Pricing from $75-$150. This is the only time I am glad we have a small kitchen, because that means for a super cheap price, we can get a whole new look! 

In a few easy steps you can turn your outdated kitchen into something you will actually enjoy cooking in. Check out Censational Girl's new guest kitchen redo. She takes you step by step on how to transform your kitchen! She has sooo many amazing tutorials, before & afters, and tips on everything home decor. 

 7. 3 Kids Means A Bigger Dining Table.

I'm embarrased to say that even though we are a family of 5, we have a dining room set for 4. :( It's okay though. We don't banish our kids to other rooms to eat. Luckily our youngest is in a highchair so this all works out for now. But is ready to move on to a big girl seat at the table with us. Instead of spending a fortune on a new table & chairs, my hubby is going to build it. I am such a lucky girl! I envision a solid white farmhouse table to seat 8. We love to host our family holidays and usually have to resort to bringing in extra folding tables. This year I hope to gather the "adults", (I swear some of them still act like kids, but I'm not naming names. j/k) at our new farmhouse table. I am already dreaming of decorating it. But I got stuck on chairs. My hubby could build them, but I haven't found any styles I like yet. We plan to either pick up a cheap pair on craigslist and refinish them or build them from scratch. Then I found this tutorial. It's great! 

This tutorial is from The Shabby Creek Cottage. I absolutely love their house. You can follow them as they blog the remodel and decorating of their little cottage. These chairs were super simple to make (find the tutorial here.), but the best part is they made 8 chairs for $25!! Seriously, can you think of a better deal?  

 8. Our Own Special Getaway.

Chasing kids all day, having them follow you every where (including the bathroom), being a chauffeur, cook, maid, mother, wife... It is all very tiring. I am so ready to have a space just for my hubby and I to getaway. One where we feel completely relaxed and happy in. Now, believe me, I won't say this will be a kid free zone. I see many nights of little ones, baby dolls, and stuffed bears joining us. Little girls wanting to help mommy get dressed, a boy who loves to cuddle watching tv with his daddy, and one nameless little girl who likes to raid mommys makeup. But for the few moments we get alone, I want a place that will make us feel like we're at a hotel. Somewhere we can just relax with no worries. We plan on building a white farmhouse bed, bookcases & a window seat, grey walls, a craft corner just for me, and yellow & aqua accents. 

Aahhh... Just day dreaming about is makes me feel better.

Now, this room isn't exactly what we will be doing. Like I said, we want a white farmhouse bed, aqua accents, a window seat, etc. But the overall feeling of this room I love. Grey & yellow are one of my favorite color combinations. I feel so calm just looking at it. Luckily my hubby loves grey too and actually choose grey out of all the colors I showed him for our house. This room is featured on Desire to Inspire. It's from a photographer named Nathan. Together, he and his wife, decorated this entire room on their own. They done a fabulous job, and I am sure inspired lots of other rooms! Check out more photos of this room here

 9. My Special Place

Before you saw "our" special place. Now this is going to be MY special place. I am definitely requiring my own craft room at our next house. Which I am sure my hubby will gladly give me, especially since he has had to live with my craft craziness in his room for so long. My craft area is going to be in a corner of our room. I am still debating on the style desk I will need. Seeing as I have two sewing machines, and still need room for all my other craft projects, fabric, ribbon, tulle, etc. But I know one thing. This corner is going to be full of color, with grey walls, and white furniture.

 Honestly, I can't remember where I found this picture. I just remember falling completely in love with the colors. My craft area will probably look very different, but I am hoping to surround myself with bright fun colors that inspire me, just like this. In my future craft ROOM, there will be lots more room for shelving, tables, storage. But for now, a colorful little organized corner will make me just as happy. :)

10. The Room That Will {Almost} Make Me Want To Do Laundry. 

The laundry room is usually everyone's least favorite room. But seeing as how I have to spend so much time in there. I'd rather it be a pretty space. You know what I mean? Maybe loving a room so much will make me enjoy doing laundry. Maybe. Aqua walls, white cabinets, an organizational system, and maybe even a chandelier. Doesn't sound like I'm talking about a laundry room, does it?

This gorgeous laundry room redo is from Cameras and Chaos. She took her boring old laundry room and turned it into this for super cheap. Check out her before & after, and lots more pictures here. Our laundry room is bigger then this. So we will be adding some more shelves and storage, but the color and feel of this room I just love! 

As we redo our home and finish projects I'll be uploading the before and afters. We have soooo many more projects and ideas that I can't wait to share with you! If you have any great home decor ideas or tutorials please leave a comment. Maybe I'll share your ideas on a future post. :)


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