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Monday, September 26, 2011

Homeschool Traditions

Yes, we decided to homeschool. :) That is the reason for no blogging in August. Starting a new routine, being a wife, mom, and tackling DIY projects took up a lot of time. Who knew? So now that things are going perfect settling down this little olde' blog can resume! Yay for me! I love blogging and being able to share my joy in crafts, projects, and being a mom/wife with all of you. Now back to homeschool....

It was a tough decision for us to make, but we knew if was right for our family. So far we are 1 month in and loving it. Ethan is doing great and that is whats important. I'm going to start doing a weekly post of all the fun things we do during the week. Between projects, crafts, nature study, homeschool group, & field trips we are having a blast! So be on the look out for the new weekly homeschool posts!

We are trying to start new traditions that we can continue every year. Our first one is a yearly list of favorites. Some of his answers really surprised me. 

Cheez-its? Really? 

 Do you know of any other fun homeschool traditions we can start?

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