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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monogrammed Burlap & Rosette Fall Wreath

I broke out my fall decor a couple of weeks ago. I know it was early but I just couldn't help it. Even though I've been raised in Florida I can't stand the heat (or humidity). I look forward to the cooler fall months 

With the new decor & paint job/color scheme going on in the house I decided to make some new fall decor. I didn't want to spend a ton of money, and I saw some amazing wreaths on pinterest, so I figured I'd give it a shot! This was my first time making a wreath and I love how it came out. Not to mention it was super easy!

Supplies Needed-
- foam wreath ( I used a 14 inch)
- burlap 1 yard
- canvas 1/4 yard
- fabric (your color choice) 1/4 yard
- hot glue gun & glue
- wood letter
- paint
 - satin ribbon

First I cut my burlap into 4 inch strips. It took me about 6 1/2 strips to fully cover my wreath. I hot glued the first piece of burlap on the back of the wreath. Then began wrapping it around, overlapping the edges to give it a thicker coverage. I made sure to end each strip on the same backside. If a strip was to long to wrap all the way around again, I just cut it to fit. Ensuring all the seams were on the back made sure the front maintained the look of one long strip.

After I wrapped the wreath I painted the letter B orange. I picked the B up at Hobby Lobby while I was helping a friend shop for a baby shower. {I'll be posting on that soon. Lots of fun projects to share!} It was $3, but they were 50% off. So only $1.50!! Gotta love a deal! Plus I liked the funky curves. I used orange craft paint that I already had on hand for the kids homeschool projects. It took about 4 coats to get the color orange I wanted. If you had a can of spray paint you could get it done quicker.

Next I made all the rosettes. I'm going to share a post on them soon. They are so beautiful they deserve their own post. ;)You can make as many as you like. I made a few out of burlap, canvas, brown fabric, & orange with white polka dots. This step takes the longest, but it is totally worth it!

After making all the rosettes, & letting the B dry, I hot glued the B down. Then I laid the rosettes down on the wreath until I found a pattern I liked. I glued them down then topped the wreath off with a satin bow. I made a loop first to hang the wreath, then made a separate satin bow, and hot glued it on top of the satin loop. 

And there you have it! Super simple, fun, cute, & cheap!

Here's a break down on the cost:

- Wreath- $4.50
-1 yard of Burlap- $2.99
- 1/2 yard of Canvas- $4.50
- Brown Fabric (already owned)- $0
- Orange & White Fabric (already owned)- $0
- Letter B- $1.50
- Orange Paint (already owned) $0
- Brown Satin Ribbon (already owned) -$0

Total= $13.49

I bought so much burlap & canvas for other fall projects. So this wreath could have cost less!

If any of you try a wreath, please share on my facebook wall! I'd love to see how they turn out! I'll be posting some more fall tutorials soon. A fall to do list, burlap banner, & more! Anyone else busy making fall decor?

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