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Friday, January 13, 2012

Living Room Progress

Well this past Sunday we made our trip to Ikea. We had surprise guests come to visit last weekend. Both of my brothers came down. One from Dallas, and the other from New Jersey, so we have been quite busy! I didn't even think we were going to be able to make our Ikea trip until after they left which meant even more time without couches!!!


 Luckily we came to the conclusion that I would spend everyday with my brothers except the day we had to go and get our couches. We thought we could make the 2.5 hour trip to Orlando and be back early. Well that didn't happen. Somehow Ikea turned into Ikea, Bass Pro, then Chuck E. Cheese. Oh well, we got back with a new couch so I was happy!

We wound up purchasing the Ektorp couch with a chaise, a billy bookcase with an extension, curtains, and some other small odds and ends. We couldn't find a rug we like, so we are still on the hunt. So please bare with me when you see these progress with our ugly way too small for this living room rug. This hideous thing seriously bothers me every time I see it. But I am so picky about the new rug I want. Finding the style, color, and price range I want is daunting, but I will find one! Gotta think positive, right?

Anyways onto some pics......

Of course I have to show you the before. All most everything is gone. This was the day the couches were getting picked up. Our couches that do not go with our new grey walls,  too small boring brown rug, the mirror that was taken down awaiting the new couch so it could be properly centered, & curtains gone. The ONLY thing I like in this living room is my grey walls and white trim. It is pretty sad.

Now onto some progress pics. Remember, we still have a lot to do, but I am loving the progress so far!

We have looked every where but cannot find the brackets we need to hang the mirror. Hopefully a trip to Lowes will do the trick. I want to add a nice molding trim around the mirror too. Just not sure what color to paint it. After adding a new rug, plus a chair and end table in front of the window the place will finally start coming together! Once we get the chair we will get either an ottoman or coffee table depending on the space that's left. We don't want to overcrowd the area. Then we can remove the cheap little table we are using to store some kid toys and books for now. Whenever I can talk Steve into getting the ladder out, then we can get the Christmas decor from the top left shelf down too!  See I told you. Still lots to do!

I even spray painted the cheap silver rods that were left here with Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze and LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! The curtain rods before were placed right above the window. So we took them down, patched up the holes with spackle, painted over it grey, then Steve hung the rod back up, but this time higher and wider.

They say your curtain rod should be 3 inches from your molding. So we figured after we add a 4 inch molding plus the 3 inches, that would be 7 inches from the ceiling. We hung them up higher from the window too, so we can add a nice molding around the windows later. Do not understand why the builder did not do that???  Finally we also moved the ends out 2 inches from either side of the window. It makes the window appear larger and lets in more light b/c the curtains can open wider now, which makes me very happy!

The curtains from Ikea are also made to hem. So I just cut off the bottoms to the length I wanted and ironed on the webbing that came with them to hem the ends. Took me about 30 minutes to do all 4 panels. (The other 2 are in the dining room.)

The room feels so much larger with only one couch. The best part I can stretch out on the chaise and my hubby can still layout on the couch! It also holds all 5 of us with room to spare. We even had a dinner party Tuesday and had 4 adults and the kids on it!

The chair we plan on getting will be a different color too so it will add some contrast to all the white!

My favorite part is the new bookshelf! I am so glad we got the extension to make it even taller. The top shelf holds a picture of Callie, some books, and a blue vase. The 2nd from the top holds a picture of Makenna & Ethan with a letter B that was the topper on our wedding cake! So glad I found a place to display it. The 3rd shelf holds my homemade chalk board, my owl that I spray painted yellow, and a white frame with a Christmas printable that will be changed our for a family picture. The 4th shelf holds a white Ikea shadow box, that I added some scrapbook paper to and all 3 kids hospital bracelets. Plus the photobook I made for Christmas.

The shelves are adjustable and I even have 2 more. I just chose the setup that I liked now, but it's great that I can change it up later if need be.

The 2nd to the bottom shelf holds some books and a picture I stole from the girls room. I love the picture of all 3 of them, and the aqua frame! The bottom shelf holds some of my magazines and notebooks that I write all my ideas down in plus a basket of kid books.

The shelves still needs some tweaking, and I plan on adding a few more things, but they make me so giddy for now!

View from the kitchen.

And my favorite view. Sitting on the chaise and staring out the window! We removed the blinds totally, seeing as our 2 feline friends liked to climb them and broke them. It's so nice to have an unobstructed view.

So what do you think? Any ideas on what I should add? Besides the long list I already have. :) I know it's still in the beginning stages, but I am so happy with where it's going. If you could have seen the dark dungeon brown walls with chocolate brown trim before you would totally understand why I am so happy.

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