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Friday, November 2, 2012

Micah Nolan

I’ve been gone a while, so I figured I’d start off with the most important thing that happened while I was gone. 
The birth of our newest little bundle of joy….
He has brought so much joy to our lives in the last 7 weeks.  It’s crazy that it’s been that long already.
It all started on Sep. 5th. I went in for a regular checkup, and for the first time only had 1 kid with me. The girls were at my moms for a sleepover. I let the nurse know that he wasn’t moving very much. So they decided to do a stress test right in the office. I was 36 weeks and 6 days.
As soon as they started the test I started having painful contractions. They came into check on me and noticed that his heart beat was dropping with each contraction. That along with no movement was making me very nervous. As the dr. explained to me that she wanted me to go down to labor and delivery to monitor him, and if need be we’d do a c-section, I started to panic.

I have never had any issues with my previous pregnancies. All were full term and I had to be induced. So the thought of something being wrong with my baby took me by complete surprise.
Before she sent me to labor and delivery she wanted me to have an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay.
During the ultrasound the baby wasn’t moving much. We’d see a flick of his fingers every now and then, but he was swallowing fluid and perfect in every other  way.
So they sent me to labor and delivery, along with Ethan. Luckily for me, he was a complete angel. He sat playing my phone, until my mom could come get him. Steve drove straight from work to be with me too.
Short story, they decided to keep me overnight for observation. I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes and his heart was still dropping. Not too bad where they thought he needed to be taken out immediately, but they did not feel comfortable sending me home.
After a few bags of fluids my contractions stopped and so did his heart drops. The next morning they blamed it on me being dehydrated and sent me home. This was on a Wednesday and they wanted me to come back the following Monday for another stress test just to make sure he was okay.
After the bags of fluid he was moving a lot more, so that made me feel a lot better.
Come Monday I went back for another stress test and he passed. I wasn’t having any contractions so he was doing great. They asked me to come back in 3 days for another stress test.
Well that Thursday before I went in for another stress test I stuck my camera in my purse. The last time I was in the hospital I didn’t have a camera and was so worried if he was born I wouldn’t have any pictures. I then set out his diaper bag, our hospital bag, and his carseat in my living room.
I had nothing with me when they kept me over night last time. I hadn’t even packed a diaper bag or hospital bag yet, so I made sure I had one ready just in case this time. We planned on having Steve’s mom pick them up if they made me stay again.
I had all 3 kids with me at this visit. Once again I started having contractions and his heart beat was dropping.
Since I was now 38 weeks my dr. decided to just induce. No point in keeping him in there any longer.
She figured he might have had a knot in his umbilical cord that was causing his stress.
Imagine my surprise when she told me to go ahead down to labor and delivery right then. I was thinking they would induce me in the morning. Like I had always done with my other kids. But no…. I needed to go right then.
So down 2 floors to the labor and delivery with 3 kids. 6, 4, & 3 years. Kind people in the elevator asked me when I was due. “Well I’m going to deliver right now!” lol I got the strangest looks seeing as I had 3 little kids with me and no one else to help.
Even the nurse asked me if they were going to stay. I think she was worried that my kids were going to run wild while I was strapped in the bed! I loved seeing the shocked looks on the nurses faces when they came in and saw all my kids sitting like perfect little angels.
I called Steve, my mom, and Steve’s mom right away. My hubby was about an hour away at work. Luckily my mother worked in the same town so she could come help with the kids, and Steve’s mom went to pick up our stuff and meet us at the hospital. Steve’s dad came to get the kids and bring them home.

It took about 45 minutes for my mother to get there. Thankfully I remembered to bring the kids leappads and ds so they each sat down and played quietly the whole time.
It took them a while to get my dr.’s orders for my medicine to induce, so everyone was there and the kids went home before I was hooked up to the medicine.
They hooked me up a little after 2pm. After 3 hours I finally decided to get an epidural. I was progressing pretty slow which surprised me seeing as my last birth was only 4 hours. But soon as I got the epidural everything happened really fast.
They checked me around 5:30 and I was only 5cm. Right afterwards I began having really painful pressure even with the epidural. I knew it was time.
It took a few minutes for the dr. to get there and I was ready to push whether she got there or not!
Micah Nolan entered the world at 5:55pm on Sep. 13, 2012! 7 lbs even and 19 inches.
I was in shock that he was a blonde. I really thought he’d be a brunette like his brother.
And it seems that his heart beat dropping was due to the fact that he had a really thin cord. He also was my smallest baby. I'm guessing b/c of the small cord.
He wound up breaking my shortest birth record, coming in right under 4 hours.
He’s 7 weeks old now, and we are loving every minute with him. He is such a momma’s boy. He’s slept with me every night since he was born. Last night was the first time I got him to sleep in his bassinet for a few hours. I say I want him to sleep is own bed, but after him sleeping for 6 hours in his bassinet last night I'm not so sure. I missed cuddling him so much I brought him back to my bed around 5:30 in the morning. 

He’s just starting to smile, and he’s rolled over twice! By total accident, but I’m still one proud momma. J

The other kids are completely smitten with him. They are constantly asking to hold him and play with him. They are so helpful too. Getting me everything he needs. Diapers, wipes, lotion, etc. It’s so nice to have some help! The last time I had a baby I had 3 in diapers! A newborn, one year old, and two year old!

I can honestly say that having Micah has been a totally different experience then with my other kids. I feel more confident in my parenting decisions. I feel more patient. I’m not looking forward to every new thing he does. Instead I’m living in every moment he is having now. Even getting up in the middle of the night is no problem. Because I know these times won’t last for long.

I’ve come to realize just how special every moment is and I am loving it.

Who knows if he will be our last… We’ve already talked about having more.

 But for the moment I am enjoying everything he does like he’s my last.


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful addition to your family. :)

  2. Congratulations to you and your family, Micah is absolutely precious! I had to laugh a little reading your story because mine was very similar with my 3rd (born June 26, 2012). My 1st two were so simple and I was induced, no issues...my 3rd, Nikolas (Niko for short), gave us such a scare that I was almost rushed for an emergency C-Section. My uterus wasn't coming out of contractions and his heart rate was dropping. Twice I had to jump on all fours (very difficult with an epidural) so they could massage my stomach and give me a shot of what felt like adrenaline. They said if it happened again, I was off to surgery. It terrified me because my other 2 were natural with epidural, but luckily he came out the same and was my largest one at 8lb 13oz, 21 1/2in. Congrats again, he's beautiful!

    1. Thank you! So glad your scary experience ended okay! I pray any future pregnancies do not end up like my last one.

  3. Congratulations! Funny enough, I was actually just randomly viewing your ribbon tutorial in youtube then I just click to your website trying to find more ribbon stuff.. I saw your baby post so I just quickly scrolled down.. I saw that your baby has the same birthday as me! 13 September! :))))) That's cool isn't it?

    1. Cool! I might be crazy, but I'm already planning his first birthday. Monsters theme. Can't wait! I thought it would be great especially b/c his first birthday is on Friday the 13th! Do you have a theme picked out too?