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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Current Projects

So if you're wondering why I am posting so many progress pictures and no finished rooms yet, we'll go back to my confession of hopping from project to project.

My goal is to post all of these before's, so once the rooms are complete I'll have something to compare it too.

Right now we are working on Micah's room and our master bedroom. I plan on not starting any other big projects until those 2 rooms are complete.

Here's a rundown of what needs to be completed in each room.

Micah's room:

  1. Hang Chalkboard
  2. Finish Frame Wall
  3. Frame Map
  4. New Sheets (already ordered)
  5. Changing Pad Cover
  6. Hang Pom Pom Garland

Master Bedroom:
  1. Finish Closet & Window Seat
  2. New Bedding
  3. New End Tables
  4. New Desk Chair
  5. New Light Fixture
  6. Hang Art
  7. Window Treatment

The playpen is no longer in our room as Micah is sleeping in his crib now. So just imagine my end table back in it's place next to my bed now. 

Micah's new sheets should be in in about 2 weeks. Once they arrive everything else will already be completed and I can finally do his room reveal. 

A portion of his frame wall. I just love it!

Our room is another story. It probably will not be completely finished until this summer. Everything in here is going to be big ticket items. Bedding, closet, end tables, light fixture, etc. So we are going to take our time and look for great deals. 

We are also getting a quote on an addition as we speak. A large family room and maybe an extra bedroom. Hoping that will be our next big project, but we'll see!

Are you working on any home projects?? 

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