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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dining Room Progress Tour

Even though our dining room is still not complete, every piece in here is new.

Well, new to us.

When I first discovered Ana White's website more then 2 years ago, the first thing I dreamed of was a farmhouse table.My husband finally built the table last fall and we purchased the chairs from Wayfair. I love how big it is, but seeing as we want more kids, I think we'll be building an even bigger one eventually.

The large buffet was a purchase from a local boutique. I got a great deal on it and need to repaint it, but not sure what color yet. It needs some new hardware too. . .

Above the large buffet I want to start a frame wall. At my next Pinterest party I want to make some silhouettes of my kids to hang here. Maybe some chicken wire frames, chalkboard, and family photos too.

On either side of the large buffet are my favorite pieces. First is my husbands highchair from 33 years ago. We want to refinish it in a bright yellow. I think it's so sweet the kids get to use their daddy's highchair. The other piece is an old vintage farmhouse style toddler chair I found at a local boutique. No needing to add a child's booster seat to our table. Just pull up this adorable chair.

I want to repaint it yellow too, to match the highchair.

Obviously, lots of painting and refinishing needing to go on in this room!

I bought the small buffet on Craigslist. It holds most of our current homeschool supplies. As does the other buffet and one of our hall closets. We are hoping to add on a large great room soon. When we do, our homeschool supplies will move into there. So both of these buffets in the dining room will be able to hold entertaining supplies then.

For now I just decorate this area with some of our school supplies. A globe I bought at a yard sale for $2.50, our abacus, some dominoes in our apothecary jar, and some school pencils. I change this area out with the holidays too. 

My favorite part is the sign above the mini buffet.  Found this beauty at a Bealls store for $40. The words fit our family perfectly. 

The curtains were picked up at Ikea. Just trim and sew the bottoms to your desired length. We need to add molding around this sliding glass door too. The addition we plan on adding would turn these sliding glass doors into an archway though. So we might wait to add the molding until we start on the addition.

The last thing we want to update is a new light fixture. Nothing wrong with the curtain one other then it's just not our style. Something with lanterns would really make me happy. 

We use our dining room as a school room/dining room. Is your dining room multipurpose? 

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