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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living Room Tour (Progress)

Finally getting to the house tour! Living room first. Still so much to do...

Well over a year later not much has happened in the living room. That’s what happens when you are self-diagnosed ADHD. I jump so much from one project to another, one room to another, that it seems I never get anything done completely. Even though it seems like slow progress in here, there are quite a lot of little things we updated.


Inbetween Progress 

 Current Progress

First, we added a mirror above the couch. I love how it brightens the whole room. Someone gave us a huge mirror. Too big for the space. So we cut it in half, hung it on the wall, then built a frame around it. Okay, by we, I mean my hubby.

If you follow me on facebook you might notice the “blessed” banner I just made. That’s our newest addition and such a great reminder.

I bought pillow forms from Hobby Lobby and had great intentions of sewing pillow covers. Until I saw their pillow covers on sale for $3.50 each. Sold.

The bookshelf only had a few small updates.  A little rearranging, new quote on the chalkboard, and a new remote control tray.

Still need to add a picture of baby #4. Wonder how long that will take?

We picked this adorable little aqua stool up when we went on a mini vacation to Amelia Island from one of my favorite antique stores, The Pickers Market. Whenever we add a chair or loveseat in front of the window, I plan on using this as a mini end table.

Next to the door is a sign we found on sale. I could have used my Silhouette machine to make one, but couldn’t beat the price. Still looking for a tall entry table to go under it.

The biggest change in the living room is the 8x10 dark grey rug. It’s not the exact one we wanted but it will work for now. After we finish everything else in the room I hope to get a new rug. A lighter grey trellis patterned rug. *Swoon*

We also bought 4 new dark brown saddle bar stools. I love how they do not stick out so far. And the dark wood color is great. They will look even better once we plank the wall they are against. I think the dark wood will pop against the all white planking. 

So those are the small updates we've made. Now here’s the giant list of the things still to do.
  • molding around window
  • chair or love seat for in front of window
  • coffee table or trunk?
  • tall entry table
  • board and batten behind tv
  • remove hutch & paint tv stand (yellow?)
  • hang art on both sides of tv
  • plank bar area
  • change out picture frames & add pictures of Micah
I’m sure we’ll add some things here and there, but this is the basic list.

This is the project I'm most excited about. Board & batten on this wall, removing the hutch, and painting the dresser. Do you have any other idea's I could incorporate into this design??? Comment below if you have any other tips or suggestions! Thanks!



  1. A couple of things instead of changing out the picture frames you can spray paint them the colors you want, easier and cheaper:) The TV stand would look AWESOME in a pail yellow color and I would possible change out the hardware for more of an aged looked:) As far as the love seat of chair I would def go with the chair and add a trunk in the middle instead of a coffee table:) That is just my two cents, but so far very cute and very functional! I personally love homes that look fresh but comfortable, aged:) thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks so much for your input Nicole! I agree about the chair. I need something small so it doesn't make the room too crowded. :)