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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick Update


Long time no talk. 

I thought after the pregnancy I wouldn't feel so busy and tired. Who was I kidding???

We are busy as ever. Between school, church, sports, raising 4 kids, vacations, and trying to find time for my crafts/decorating, I feel like I never have time for blogging.

Okay, but I do seem to find time for Pinterest. Lots and lots of Pinterest.

Of course the little things moms enjoy always seem to fall to the end of the list.

Everyone and everything always comes first.

I know I can be a better mom if I am less stressed.

Enough is enough.

I am ready to get back into blogging. To get back to what I love. 

Being creative and sharing my passion.

I had a Pinterest party last Friday.

(What’s a Pinterest party you ask??? It’s when a few friends get together, bring a Pinterest inspired recipe they've always wanted to try, and a Pinterest inspired craft they've always wanted to make but never have time to, and craft the night away. Friends, food, and fellowship. What more can you ask for?)

And now I am realizing just how much I've missed my crafting. That’s my ME time.

The time when I can just relax and do something I completely enjoy, just for me.

Now, since last week I've been crafting away. I've actually finished almost ALL of Micah’s little decor projects. I only have to fill a few more frames, order new sheets, and hang a few things.

Can’t wait for the reveal! About time seeing as he’s 7 months old!

My new goal is to blog 3 times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Let’s see if I can keep it up.

Obviously, this “Monday” post is a little early.

Anyways… A quick recap of what we've all been up too.

The hubby- Steve- Working hard as usual. And much more as the rainy season approaches. He’ll be leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks of training out of town. Not looking forward for him being gone that long.

Ethan- Homeschool, Boy Scouts, church, and Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon. Any guess what his latest obsession is?

Makenna- Homeschool, church, gymnastics, and soccer. This girl keeps me busy.

Callie- Homeschool, church, gymnastics, and waiting for her turn to join soccer. Seriously. Talk to her and she will let you know as soon as you see pumpkins (Fall), she gets to play soccer.

Micah- Eating baby food, almost ready to crawl, and starting to talk. Yes, he said Dada first. Did I mention he was the best baby ever? Really, he never cries and is the sweetest little thing.

Me- Just running this crazy show. Homeschooling, running kids from sports, co-ops, play dates, church, family trips, and enjoying it all.

Anyone ever have problems juggling it all? Please comment and let me know how you make time for yourself. Do you schedule it? Do you have "me" time often, rarely, never???

See you Wednesday!


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