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Monday, September 30, 2013

Rosette Tutorial

I have a surprise tomorrow. This little rosette clip will be featured somewhere special. So here's a tutorial so you can make your very own rosettes. You can use them for hair clips or decoration. 

-hot glue & glue sticks

First pick out your fabric. I chose 2 patterned fabrics and some burlap.

Then cut a bunch of long one inch strips. You do not want them perfect, so just eyeball it. The imperfects are what make the rosette look unique. You can make them all different lengths. I make them anywhere from 18-30 inches. The longer the fabric the bigger your rosette.

Next pinch your fabric in half length wise. 

Then roll the end up a few times. and hot glue it into place. 

Holding onto the rolled up end, start twisting your fabric while you wrap it around the center piece. Try to keep the fabric folded in half as you twist. I pinch it in half and then twist it. Every 2-3 twists I hot glue the fabric into place. You want to make sure it is secure so it does not fall apart. 

Keep twisting until you get the size flower you want. Do not worry about using all the fabric. The end will be cut off. 

Once you get the size flower you want, flip the flower around and hot glue the tail of the fabric down to the back of the rosette. 

Now all that is left is to cut the extra fabric off.

You can hot glue a clip to the back of a single rosette now, or make a bigger rosette clip. I just lay down the rosettes I made on an extra piece of scrap fabric. After I found the pattern I wanted, I hot glued them into place, and then cut off the extra fabric.

Just glue a clip on the back and you are good to go! 

Hope you come back tomorrow to find out where this little rosette clip will be featured and have fun crafting away! 

xoxo ~ Jennifer

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