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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Pictures, Christmas Decor, and DIY Projects. Yes, Please!

This is going to be a very unorganized blog post. Lots of little updates I wanted to share. Figured I'd get it all over in one big post, right?!?

We recently had our annual family photo shoot. We used Jayme Nicole Photography again. I love how patient she is with the kids, and how she spends so much time getting every picture we want. She did our annual photos and Micah's newborn pictures last year too. She is amazing! I love seeing how the kids change so much from year to year. Especially Micah this year. He went from a baby to a little toddler. Bitter sweet. Here's a few of my favorites.

Could my boys look any different? One brown hair, one blonde, one blue eyes, one green eyes, one short, one tall. I love it. So different, but both so totally handsome!

♥ Family ♥

I think this photo of us laying all over each other is my favorite picture of all time. You would never know how chaotic it was seconds before. Micah trying to crawl away, Callie sitting on Steve's face, hands, arms, and feet flying every where. And in just one split second she made it seem like perfect.

I love how this shows just how tiny Micah is compared to his siblings. He's so lucky to have 3 big protectors.

We had our photos done on my husband's family's farm again. I love it out there. 200 acres with nothing but fields, pecan trees, and animals. I love that it's a short 10 minute drive from our home on the culdesac too. 

Currently, there are about a million projects going on around the house too. There is wood, tools, paint, holiday decor, and other random things laying every where. We host Christmas at our house, so we are trying to knock out a bunch of things before then. Also my husband is working on a few projects for our friends, one being a play kitchen like he built our daughters. 

This is their kitchen in their currently unfinished room. We painted their walls white, and then planked their entire room. Next step is to repaint all the wood white and then we can show it! Can't wait!

While my hubby is working on the girls room, finishing our master closet, and building another play kitchen & loft bed for friends, I'm working on the smaller projects around the house. 

I got out our holiday decor the beginning of November. Yes, I'm one of those people, and have been working on it since. I love getting it out early, because then I have a lot of time to tweak everything and create new decor. I'll do a full Christmas house tour the beginning of December. Here's a peek!

This is the buffet in our dining room. I have had the frames up for a few months, but finally finished filling them. This frame wall cost me about $10 since I had all the other supplies on hand. It cost me $1 for the wreath I hung in the one top frame, and $8 for the chicken wire in the bottom right frame. Everything else I already had.

The frames I picked up here and there at yard sales. Then spray painted them all white to coordinate. I already had burlap, scrapbook paper, chalkboard paint, twine, paint, and ribbon. It really does pay to save all the scraps from left over projects! I painted the matte in the number frame red with left over paint. Then used my Silhouette machine to make a stencil for the 25 and used a sharpie to draw it on a plain white paper. The frame with the 4 kids is just a grey piece of fabric as the matte, and a picture I had printed for free at CVS. Love when they send free coupons! I picked up the wreath at the Dollar Store and put it on a light blue piece of scrapbook paper. For the deer frame, I just used a leftover piece of burlap, a deer stencil I made on my Silhouette, then just used a sharpie to color it in. I plan to keep him up all year. Just added a red pom pom for a nose for Christmas. The Chalkboard frame was made with leftover paint, and the Silhouettes of my kids were created with just burlap backgrounds, and black pieces of construction paper. I just added red bows to the girls for the holidays. Then the bottom left frame is just twine with clothespins. I am waiting on some Instagram pictures to come in to hang on it. The bottom right is just a piece of chicken wire in a frame with clothespins, waiting too for some Instagram pictures.

Now the buffet decor cost a little more, but it was because I couldn't pass up those JOY lights or the cute little reindeer. Dang you Target! :) I used a red crochet head band that I just cut in half for a scarf for the deer. I stuck an old metal truck ornament from Target and a little tree in my apothecary jar. I used some Epson salt to look like snow. We had the green Christmas tree already. Some twine and lace ribbon fancied it up.

 My table center piece is a soda crate that I picked up from the Country Living Fair. It's holding some jars, candles, metal old trucks from Target, and the pitcher is filled with some floral pieces. I'm loving the pops of red around the house.

 Here's a before and after of another project we did. They are Instagram pics so sorry for the poor quality! The deer head is from Target. I love it above the bed, but it just felt like something was missing. It's so small compared to our huge headboard. Some left over wood and a $6 can of stain made a huge difference.

Our master bedroom is almost finished and I can't wait to share the whole room with you! After 8 years of being together this is the first time we've truly decorated our room.

So my last random update is just some things I wanted to share with you about myself. I'm sure most of you have Facebook and saw the posts going around lately about sharing unique facts about yourself. My number was 8.

Here are my facts:
1. My husband taught me how to sew.
2. I used to be so afraid of germs on used or old things that I would not ever step foot in a thrift store or go to a yard sale. I would only take an item if it was from a friend. Pretty ironic now that I love vintage items and am filling my house with them. 
3. I want more kids and really hope to adopt one day. 
4. I was in the process of moving to Dallas when I met Steve. After 2 weeks of knowing him I canceled my plane ticket and changed all my plans to be with him.
5. I like Instagram more then Facebook.
6. I am a night owl. I go to bed between 1-2 am every night. Some mornings I really regret staying up so late, but my down time every evening is the only thing that keeps me sane.
7. My 9th grade year I spent the entire summer with strangers in Massachusetts. It was one of the best summers of my life.
8. I learned how to fold a fitted sheet last night. Yes, I am pretty excited just thinking about how organized my closets will be now!

Does anyone share any of these same facts with me??? 

I'll be posting about Micah's 1st birthday tomorrow so come back to check out all the details!!

The DIY movie screen for Micah's monster theme 1st birthday!

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