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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Halloween 2013

I know it's a little late, but better late then never.

We worked so hard this year on finding fun DIY costumes. I wanted for it to either be cheap, or something we could use again.

I hate wasting money on an expensive costume to only use once.

We chose to go with a classic movie theme.

It was so much fun, we definitely will be doing DIY costumes again next year.

First up was our oldest son Ethan. He went as Elliot from E.T. Super easy. All we had to purchase was a red hoodie, which he will use this winter, and a crate from Walmart for $1.47. We already had the E.T. doll.

My oldest daughter Makenna, went as Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch. She was the hit of the night! Everyone couldn't believe it was her real hair. All we purchased was a Christmas dress 50% at Sears. She is already planning on wearing it when we go Christmas caroling this year. To do her hair I used a mini empty water bottle on the top. Just pulled her hair up, spread it apart, stuck the bottle in, pulled the hair around it, and tied it up. I sprayed a little hair spray to keep the fly aways down, but the bottle really kept it all up. To do her pig tails, I just braided them around pipe cleaner.

Our third child, Callie went as Sandy from Grease. I made the poodle skirt with about $2 of felt, and some left over ric rac. We purchased the cardigan. Actually 3 because we couldn't decide which color to use. But eventually went with the white one, because we liked the tighter fit. We kept all the cardigans too but both girls will use them all for church. The glasses we got at Target on clearance too.

And for our baby boy Micah, he went as Marty Mcfly from back to the future. His outfit was super cheap, but took forever. I purchased his red vest on sale at the Children's Place. Which of course he will use this winter too. The long part was the car. Daddy took 6 hours on Halloween day making it. All he used was some free cardboard he picked up and some of my left over paint. I think he was a little obsessed, seeing as guys love cars. He had to make sure every detail was perfect. Down to the dash actually reading what year Micah came from and what year he went to.. lol It turned out amazing though!

This was the least we've ever spent on Halloween, but actually turned out to be the most fun. The kids loved coming up with ideas. They are already talking about next year!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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