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Friday, December 27, 2013

Master Closet Turned Baby Boy Nursery

We are not going to talk about how Micah is 15 months old and I am just now doing a full reveal of his master closet turned nursery. We are not going to talk about how a year and a half ago I made the pom poms for his room, and just hung them up last night. We are just going to pretend that this was all part of the plan. And just ignore the Christmas decor. It will all be gone next week. ;)

The story of our master closet turned nursery...

When we decided to have a 4th child, we knew we needed a separate space for him. A crib and all his supplies really wouldn't fit good in either kid's room. So after searching pinterest I came across a lot of closet nursery inspiration. Next thing Steve knew, I was tearing apart our closet and telling him he needed to build a new barnwood closet in our room for our clothes. As this room has no windows, it's extremely hard to get good photographs. So please excuse the bad lighting! And FYI- this room is 5x7. 

This has turned out to be my favorite and most special room in the house. I am going to be so sad when he outgrows it. We plan to move him in his big brothers room once he's about two and a half. So I am enjoying every minute of this sweet space.

The first thing you see is his crib and map. I wanted a big statement above his crib and my latest fascination with maps fit the bill. I first planned on only have a color scheme for his room. Aqua, orange, green, white, and grey. But somehow it started turning into a world/forest animals theme. A map above his bed, a map & places around the world on his frame wall, globes on his shelves, and a "world" quote on his chalk wall. I made the pom pom garland months before he was born and just hung it last night. Whoops.

His room was mostly furnished from Ikea for $300. That included crib, mattress, frames, light fixture, book shelves, shelves, and rug. The changing table was a baby shower gift, and his quilt was the biggest splurge from Etsy. It's my favorite piece and ties in all the colors. It's gorgeous!

On the left wall we added 2 shelves that we had left over from an Ikea bookshelf. We just purchased some new brackets. The pegboard we spray painted orange for a pop of color and plan on adding some baskets to it eventually. The globes, vintage toy car shadow box, and abacus came from yard sales and antique shops. Mixed in with some new items and a basket that holds his hats and extra blankets. Like I said, ignore the Christmas items. 

Next to the changing table we have his chalkboard with a quote that is dear to my heart. I really am trying to raise kids that will be the "good" in the world. To me it does not matter what they accomplish in life, being the "good" comes first. The chalkboard is actually a large framed picture. I just painted the glass with chalkboard paint and spray painted the frame. Then I used my silhouette to create stencils for the chalk art. 

Under it is a coat rack from Target and a letter M canvas. Everything in this room has to be functional or beautiful. Organization is a must in such a small space.

On the opposite wall is his frame wall. Full of fun prints and inspiration. Most frames are from Ikea and the others were picked up at yard sales and spray painted to match. Most items were downloaded prints and the others were created with my Silhouette.

Under the frame wall is his toy basket and rocking chair. The mini rocking chair is the first thing I purchased for him before I even knew if he was a boy or girl. :) The faux sheepskin rug and light fixture are from Ikea. I had a friend come install a new light fixture because the closet only had a dim florescent light in the beginning.

Now facing towards the door, on the left side is 2 Ikea spice racks turned book shelves. It's the perfect little reading nook. He has more books located in other bookcases in the house but these are his favorites. Whenever we walk out of his room and I'm carrying him, he always reaches for a book. He loves being read to.

The last and probably most functional thing is the shoe rack on the door. It was for my shoes, and I was going to remove it when I converted the room, but realized how many baby items it could hold. It stores his diapers, wipes, shoes, beanies, mittens, lotions, and more. I love having everything so close and in reach when I'm at the changing table.

Yes, this room is small. But it is perfect and sweet. Bigger isn't always better.

xoxo ~ Jennifer


  1. Awesome space! I love everything about it.

  2. Love this! You did a beautiful job!

  3. Love this space :) We've got a similar theme going on, even down to the quilt and the world map! Great use of a small space.

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    2. Thanks Ellen! I'd love to see it!

  4. I just found your blog! I'm so glad I did. Your message is great. Super mom means something different than we think. Putting our family before perfection is being a super mom

    1. I completely agree! I love how you put it!

  5. Would you be willing to share which etsy shop you purchased the quilt from?

  6. Would you be willing to share which etsy shop you purchased your quilt from?