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Monday, December 2, 2013

Micah's Monster Theme 1st Birthday

On September 13th, 2013 my baby turned 1! In celebration of having a Friday the 13th birthday, we celebrated with a Monsters Theme. But before we get to the party let's take a look at this cutie's 1st birthday pictures. They were taken by Taryn Lewis of Sugar Tree Studios

And my 2 favorites:

Those eyes just slay me. 

Now to the fun stuff. His party! I decided to do an outdoor movie to enjoy the coming Fall. His theme was monsters and the colors were aqua, orange, white, and grey. 

I ordered these giant 36 inch balloons online and had them filled a local shop. Beware: the price of helium has risen b/c of a helium shortage. It cost over $7 a balloon to fill on top of already ordering them! Ouch! 

The balloons were my favorite part of the party decor though so it was all worth it!

Setting up before the party. 

Ugly Dolls were scattered around the party. 

This was the cupcake bar. Right before the party started we popped the eye ball cake pop in his monster smash cake. The kids enjoyed cupcake push pops with fun flavors like birthday cake, cookie dough, and cookies and cream. While the adults munched on mini cupcakes like cherry cheesecake, maple bacon, banana pudding, cake batter, white chocolate raspberry, cinnamon toast crunch, and more! Maple bacon was the hit of the night. 

I ordered them all from a local baker. She is amazing! Even his smash cake was a yummy flavor. Sugar cookie!  

I made a paper bunting banner and a mini fabric bunting banner. Then just used some wrapping paper from Home Goods to cover the sign above the buffet. 

The adorable cupcake pops even had little monster eyes on top!

Cutest smash cake ever!

I made a "chalk" art sign for above his food table with all his stats and favorite things. I just bought a foam board for $1.50 and tried 3 different types of markers before I found one that would show up on black foam boards. 

FYI- Sharpies do not work! You must use Max Pen UltraMark in Metallic. They are actually cheaper then Sharpies and show up great on black. 

Before the food was setup.

If you Instagram #Micahsbday913  ;)

I created all these banners for the backdrop of the photobooth and for the backdrop when he smashed his cake.

My little man. His shirt is from Etsy. 

He couldn't walk or stand alone yet. He just started walking recently at 14 months.

Only group photo we got all night. Isn't that how it always goes?

The kids had a choice of the trampoline, swimming, checkers, watching the movie, or just playing in the back yard. Plus there were kids hanging off the swing set and driving the power wheels into people. Oops!

He loved his cake and ate it so dainty. That's my boy. Never wanting to get messy. 

The coolest part of the night was the outdoor movie. And it only cost us $10 to make the screen! We just purchased the wood to make a frame. Then used an old pool cover, painted it white with left over paint, and stapled it on. I used Micah's pom poms from his room and some balloons to decorate it. 

Once it got dark the kids sat down and enjoyed the movie. 

We opened gifts in side with the adults while all the kids watched the movie. He got lots of lovely gifts from very special people. So thankful for those in our lives! Mommy and daddy went with the monster theme and got him the Tickle Monster Laughter Kit, and a fun puppet theater from Land of Nod. 

It was a wonderful day. I love planning parties, but my favorite are 1st birthdays! If you want to check out our previous 1st birthdays, you can find them here

This is Micah on the eve of his birthday, getting ready for bed. I'll leave you with my thoughts I instagramed on his birthday. As much as I love 1st birthdays, they are so bitter sweet!

"This time last year I was getting ready to go to my 38 week check up. Little did I know, I would be sent down to labor and delivery, by myself, with 3 kids. Lucky for me, the kids were angels, and a few hours later Micah Nolan Brown entered the world. 7 lbs and 19 inches even. He changed our lives just like each of our kids have. Bringing more love and joy then we can imagine. Completing our family in a way nothing else could. I thank God every day that I am so blessed to have my children. Watching them grow is so bittersweet. I'm enjoying every minute of his childhood but looking forward to one day meeting the man he will be."

Find Micah's birth story here, and his room tour will be up sometime this week. Finally! 

Only 14 months late...

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  1. Enjoyed reading and viewing your birthday blog. I am in the process of planning my twin girls' party. It is so exciting and yet seems like such a daunting task at the same time. I want it to be "perfect." That's not too much to ask, right? :-)