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Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am a twenty-something wife to an amazing guy and stay at home mom to 4 crazy beautiful kids. My mind is always going a million miles a minute trying to make sure I have everything planned out just right. Balancing being a mother, a wife, decorator, teacher, friend, party planner, chef... You get the idea. I finally realized I was trying to live up to the worlds perception of a supermom. Instead of focusing on what my kids needed in a mom. So I closed my boutique, and decided I would focus all my attention back to being the mom my kids deserved. In this day and age of social networking it's easy to get caught up in the supermom craze too. There is always going to be some mom who you think is better then you. Who seems to juggle it all. Taking care of a dozen kids, while making a delicious home cooked me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who's kids are always well behaved, dressed to the nines, and never make a mess. Your going to encounter the supermom who knows it all because she is older or has more kids, the supermom who's kids are better at everything, and the supermom who seems to have it all. I decided instead of living up to every one's perception of a supermom I'd be the mom my kids need. Guess what? So far it's working. 

This blog will be my outlet. Besides God & my family, decorating & projects are my passion. I don't miss the long nights with my boutique, but I do miss the interaction with people. Since I am a homeschooling stay at home wife & mother, I love to connect with other women outside these four walls! My idea of perfect most definitely won't be yours, but if you'd like to help me kick the idea of the "stereotypical" supermom to the curve, come on! 

Join me as I craft, bake, and make "our" perfect life!